Your helping hand in finance


AFOM banking

All bank related services like account openings (international), financing or fee checks

AFOM trusts and foundations

Set-up and run foundations and trusts in Austria, Liechtenstein, Cyprus and the US; consulting services in this matter (e.g. definition of structures, bodies, processes and governance); representation founder’s interest within the foundation (board or advisory board member) 

AFOM real estate

Real estate related services with strong focus on Austria including cross border (mortgage) financing

AFOM relocation 

Relocation of companies and private individuals from Austria to Cyprus and vice versa 

AFOM reporting

Unified reporting for people using many banks, brokers or financial intermediaries. Your total net asset value just one mouse click away. 

AFOM alternatives

Consulting services related to alternative investments like private equity (incl. buyouts), art, precious metals, gems incl. insurances of these assets 


Focus regions

Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Austria with strong partners in the USA, Israel and Switzerland